Empower Network’s New Kalatu Blogging System Worth The Gamble?

In today’s age of digital marketing, a blog is an important marketing tool. It is one of the best ways to create a positive impression about your business by presenting yourself as an expert in your business niche.

Although, it is a vital tool, not many marketers realize its importance. Besides, several people find setting up a marketing blog to be an overwhelming task.

If you are an amateur internet marketer and are looking for ways to promote your business through blogging and get high volume of traffic on your website, then Empower network viral blogging system is all you need.

This amazing blogging system is designed by marketing professionals for the marketers. This system is a ready-made setup; you don’t need  to spend hundreds of dollars on designing and content writing, which are two vital components of a good marketing blog.

The truth about website is that even if you spend hundreds of dollars getting one done, the majority of  blog designers do not have the required knowledge or the skills to include certain important marketing elements in the design that would make it go viral and convert.

The viral blogging system offered by Empower Network is carefully designed keeping in mind the marketers needs. It has a very appealing design to keep the attention of the readers . Additionally, this blogging system is completely customizable. This implies that you can design your own blog according to your personal marketing needs.

This system comes as an excellent alternative to setting up a self-hosted blog, as it is affordable as well as much easier to set-up. While there is always risk in starting up a new business, it is important to know the gamble of building and sustaining your efforts by knowing the proper marketing laws which you should adhere to.

How Much Is an Empower Network Kalatu Blog?

The Empower Network Viral Blogging System comes coded, designed and fully hosted for just $25 per month. This is a worthy investment considering ROI you could possibly get from the sales of your products/services, using the blog. These are great leadership qualities to possess like we mentioned before.

Some of the features of the VBS include:

• Wide choice of themes

The viral blogging system offers marketers a wide choice of optimized marketing themes that are specially designed to make the blog go viral in quick time. The themes also include elements that instantly appeal to the purchase psychology of the potential customers.

This significantly increases the chances of the visitors becoming your customers.

• Viral Comments System

A blog that attracts a large number of comments invariably signifies that it is read by a lot of people. The comment box is a space where the readers/potential customers provide their valuable feedback about the company, product/service offered and their perception of the company/product. The comments are an excellent indicator for the marketers about the consumer mentality. With the built-in viral comment system on your blog, the comments will show in real time and encourage even more conversations on your blog.

• Viral Sharing Tools

This is one of the most significant features of Kalatu VBS that distinguishes it from other ordinary blogging platforms. The system has viral sharing tools embedded in its design that guarantees you maximum exposure through every post you make. It also induces the readers to share the content with others, which in turns provides you increased traffic on your website and higher sales.

If you are an amateur marketer try the Empower network viral blogging system which is known as ENv3 or Kalatu to promote your business and see how it can help you increase your marketing potential.

Best Leadership Qualities For Effective Online Business Building

All of us love to gamble and if we play our cards right, it can have tremendous reward and payout. The same goes with your online business building strategies which we will cover on whether or not you should take the leap of faith in your new venture. Four Corners Alliance Group is one of those companies that did and are now making their rise through the ranks of the leaderboard when it comes to internet businesses.

For any company to succeed, it must have a sales strategy. The aim of the sales strategy should be to position the product or brand of the company in a manner that gives it a competitive advantage. It will help the sales people of the company to focus on their target market customers and come up with ways of communicating with them in the right manner. As a salesman, you will need to understand how your product or service will solve your customer’s problem.

Everything You Need To Know About A good Sales Strategy


In order to come up with an effective sales strategy, you need to consider your long-term goals and analyze the sales cycle of your business. It is also necessary for you to meet with your sales persons in order to understand their career objectives. Once you take these measures, you will gain a more intimate knowledge of your sales interval as well as seasonal changes. It will also be possible for you to understand what motivates your sales team.

After you have created the long-term sales strategy, you should create weekly and monthly sales strategies based on your long-term strategy. This will make it possible for you as the business owner or manager to measure the performance of the sales team.


There are 2 types of business strategies that businesses can employ in their overall plan. These are direct and indirect. The direct sales strategy involves sales people attacking the competitor head-on when trying to win the customer.

The sales persons talk about the features of the products being offered by the competitor in comparison with their product. This approach is also referred to as negative selling.

Indirect sales method uses some subtle techniques such as showing the benefits and features of a product that are not available in what is being offered by the competitor. However, the salespersons do not mention the competitor by name. This is not only a sophisticated and positive sales strategy, which needs research and analysis of the competition.

Additionally, there are multiple sales strategies and business models that you can choose to apply in your organization, for example companies like Dubli Network and FuXion function under a network marketing sales strategy model that allows them to get new sales rep and acquire customers at the same time.


In order for the sales strategy to be successful, it should have product placement, promotion and testimonials. This is on top of the selling strategies being employed by the sales team.

With promotion and product placement, it will be possible to create brand awareness using different marketing methods available today. Social media sites, have made it possible to have a free platform that helps increase brand awareness. As a business owner, you can use these tools well by spending time everyday with your fans and followers on social media.

You should have customer testimonials available for prospects to watch or read and these will provide authority to your small business and its products or services.


It does not matter the sales strategy that your business uses-whether direct, indirect or a combination of the two. It is important for the sales manager to work with the sales team on the proper technique.

The sales strategy should outline the methods and steps necessary to get customers in different stages. Your marketing should also introduce the product and brand in a manner that shows how it can solve the customer’s problems. Already existing customers will need personal communication about the benefits and features that will keep them engaged.

Referral and promotional discount can help motivate current customers to buy the product or service and introduce it to others. If you would like to understand sales strategies in depth is a good idea to buy a training program that can teach you the best marketing strategies to implement, such as Dubli or 4 Corners – This platform offers a complete marketing system that can better informed you on using practical sales strategies.

Consideration In order for your sales strategy to be effective, you will need to understand the market as well as the activity of the competitor. A detailed business analysis will also be necessary. As a small business owner, if you would like to put in place a sales strategy, it may be necessary for you to hire a professional business consultant to provide guidance on the process.